Boxing Gyms in Seattle – Reviewed [Top 7 in 2024]

Seattle is THE place to box. Honestly, I’ve reviewed a lot of boxing gyms in a lot of cities and I can’t remember a town with as many top quality, authentic boxing gyms as Seattle. If you’re looking to train here, you’re spoiled for choice.

Let’s dive in…

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My preference is always for those rare, pure, old school boxing gyms, free of ego, and full of passion for the sport. But sometimes I include the odd boxercise place because I know that not everyone wants the nitty gritty of actual combat.

Why listen to me: I’ve been boxing as an amateur for 6 years and trained in countless boxing gyms around the world from Seattle to Spain. I’ve learnt that picking the right gym can literally change your life and want to help you do the same. Learn more about me here.

PLEASE leave your own opinions and experiences about Seattle boxing gyms in the comments at the bottom and I’ll continuously update this page to make it as useful as possible!

The 7 Best Boxing Gyms in Seattle 🥊

1️⃣ Seattle Boxing Gym

Seattle Boxing Gym

  • Summary: Seattle Boxing Gym is the real deal. Train here.
  • Address: 2001 15th Ave W Suite C
  • Google rating: 4.8
  • Opening hours: M-F: 6am – 7:30pm, S-S: 9am – 2:30pm
  • Pricing: $190 / month (unlimited classes)
  • Best for: beginners, pros, and everyone in between
  • Online: website, Facebook, Instagram

The thing that stands out the most for me about Seattle Boxing Club is how friendly all the staff are. Boxing can be an intimidating sport to get into if you’re new but the team here make a big effort to ensure everyone feels welcome and respected.

But don’t let that fool you – they certainly mean business when it comes to the sweet science. Seattle Boxing Club is a pure, old school boxing gym, where the coaches have decades of pro experience and where local champs are forged.

And damn do they work hard here. It’s open 7 days a week, from morning till night with up to six different group classes across the day, including classes dedicated for beginners, kids, and advanced fighters.

No matter your ability or goals – they have you covered. They also have dedicated sparring sessions several times a week.

The facility itself is big, clean and has a cool industrial vibe to it. Membership gets you access to unlimited classes and to the gym with it’s extensive extensive equipment. Drop ins also available.

Seattle Boxing Gym is the real deal – my go to place when I’m in town. They’ve been doing this for over 30 years which tells you they’re obviously doing something right.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

2️⃣ Nomad Boxing Club

Nomad Boxing Gym in Seattle

  • Summary: Perfect mix of humility, discipline, experience, and fun. Hard to find better than this.
  • Address: 6319 Seaview Ave NW
  • Google rating: 5.0
  • Opening hours: M-F: 6am-8pm, Sa: 9am-2pm
  • Pricing: n.a.
  • Best for: kids and beginners
  • Online: website, Facebook, Instagram

Nomad Boxing Club is the new kid on the block, having started in 2019 by former pro Manuel Dunham (a prodigy fighter of legendary coach Bumble Bee from the The Bumble Bee boxing Club).

Nomad is a non-profit and focuses on supporting underprivileged youths and young adults in the community, although its membership is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Manny and his team are hugely popular and knowledgeable coaches who have created a super friendly environment that members regularly describe as a “family”.

The culture and community here is rock solid and they get together for other events from movie nights to watching live boxing matches/potlucks.

Nomad is very beginner friendly but also has its own amateur team for those who want to take it up a level. Be warned though, if you want to join the team then make sure you’re serious about it: team members are expected to practice 5 days a week for 2 hours training sessions!

Nomad has quickly become one of the best boxing gyms in the city, if not the state.

3️⃣ Emerald City Boxing Gym

Emerald City Boxing Gym

  • Summary: Top class, family friendly, pure boxing gym
  • Address: 6516 Roosevelt Way NE
  • Google rating: 4.9
  • Opening hours: M-F: 6am-8pm, Sa: 9am – 4pm
  • Pricing: $170 / month (unlimited classes)
  • Best for: beginners, pros, and everyone in between
  • Online: website, Facebook, Instagram

Family owned and operated Emerald City Boxing Gym is hugely popular among its members. Most of the praise is directed towards owner Russel and his friendly team who have created a supportive and fun atmosphere. All are welcome here.

Most instruction is given through their group classes that happen 5 times a day from Mon-Fri and on Saturday mornings.

The sessions combine cardio, strength, and boxing technique. And if you want to get in the ring and fight, they hold dedicated sparring sessions or just jump in the ring during open gym and get to it.

Oh and Emerald City Boxing Gym is the home of the UW Husky Boxing Team so you know that this is a place that deals in genuine boxing technique rather than being just another boxercise studio.

Honestly, you’ll struggle to find a bad word said about this gym. Train here and you’ll get in the shape of your life, learn proper boxing technique, and undoubtedly meet a bunch of great people. Highly recommended!

4️⃣ Arcaro Boxing

Arcaro Boxing Gym in Seattle

  • Summary: This female owned and operated boxing gym is a gem.
  • Address: 1208 E Jefferson St
  • Google rating: 5.0
  • Opening hours: M-F: 5am – 7pm,
  • Pricing: $160 / month (unlimited classes)
  • Best for: women and competitive fighters
  • Online: website, Instagram, Facebook

Former pro boxer Tricia Turton set up Arcaro Boxing back in 2013 and she has built the place into one of the go-to boxing gyms in Seattle.

Arcaco offers group classes, sparring, kids classes, and private training for boxers of all levels. They train local champions here and first timers. No matter your ability, Tricia and her top notch team will sort you out in this authentic, old school boxing gym.

I love how they have a very clear program to getting you “ring ready”. To compete. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, and no one will ever be pressured to compete, but it’s great to know that they take their boxing seriously by offering this.

Arcaro is female owned which may appeal to some women who could feel intimated by joining a boxing gym where there can sometimes be a bit too much testosterone flowing around.

And in case all of that isn’t enough, the owners dogs can often be found chilling out in the corner of the gym to provide some much needed comfort after an intense session!

5️⃣ Cappy’s Boxing Gym

Cappys boxing classes in Seattle

  • Summary: More than just a great boxing gym. A pillar of the community.
  • Address: 2719 E Union St b09
  • Google rating: 4.9
  • Opening hours: M – F: 8:30am-7:30pm, Sa: 8:30am – 1:45pm, Su: 9:45-11:45am
  • Pricing: $150 / month (unlimited classes)
  • Best for: everyone
  • Online: website, Instagram, Facebook

Cappy’s is a boxing gym with a huge heart. Since 2005 they’ve been serving the local community by providing top quality boxing instruction and promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being through outreach projects.

They even offer discounted memberships through the Cappy’s Community Fund to those that need it most. This fund is financed by donors and members who can afford to pay a little extra. What an awesome initiative.

You can probably guess that a place like this has an extremely welcoming atmosphere to boxers of all abilities, and that the staff are fun, inclusive, and supportive. Cappy’s is the opposite of intimidating. There isn’t an ego in sight.

Among all of this, they still provide top quality boxing coaching with up to 6 group classes during the day for you to choose from.

This is a true authentic boxing gym where they will teach you proper technique and where you can spar if you like.

You won’t find a bad word said about this place, just lots of people describing it as a “second home”. Undoubtedly one of the best all round boxing gyms in Seattle.

6️⃣ Ballard Boxing Club

Ballard Boxing classes

  • Summary: Rock solid community and good vibes at this quality gym.
  • Address: 1107 NW 54th St
  • Google rating: 4.8
  • Opening hours: M – F: 12-7:30pm, Sa: 9:30-10:30am
  • Pricing: $175 / month (unlimited classes)
  • Best for: beginners, pros, and everyone in between
  • Online: website, Facebook, Instagram

You guys in Seattle are really spoiled, honestly. Ballard Boxing is yet another top class, pure boxing gym full of passion for the sport and with an awesome environment.

There’s nothing fancy about Ballards. It’s located in a spacious converted garage, and there’s certainly no sign of superfood smoothies and selfies. But that is exactly what all the best boxing gyms are like.

Kudos to owner and head coach Nate who’s an extremely popular figure that many people credit with dramatically improving their lives through both his training and the community he has created at Ballards.

Ballards offers up to four group boxing classes every day during the week, including dedicated sparring sessions. Suitable for first timers and world champs.

Highly recommended if you want to learn to box, get in amazing shape, or just meet a bunch of great people!

7️⃣ Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing classes in Seattle

  • Summary: Fancy boxercise studio. Killer workout but limited boxing technique.
  • Address: 112 N 85th St
  • Google rating: 4.7
  • Opening hours: M-F: 5:30am – 7/8:30pm, Sa: 8:30am – 1pm, Su: 8:30am – 1pm
  • Pricing: $180 / month (unlimited classes)
  • Best for: fitness fanatics
  • Online: website, Instagram, Facebook

Title Boxing Club is a solid choice for those looking for an intense workout centered around boxing. And, as a widespread franchise, Title always offers exceptional facilities and a team of well-trained professionals to keep you motivated.

But but but, it’s important to bear in mind that Title is much more about the physical fitness rather than refining true boxing technique. While you will practice some fundamental boxing skills, you won’t get stuck into any combat and learn how to actually fight

Title is like a fancy spinning studio for boxing rather than a conventional boxing gym. No judgement here though, as I know that combat boxing isn’t for everyone.

The Title gyms are great places to get really fit while having fun and throwing some punches, Just make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’re enrolling for before making a commitment.

They have classes from morning till night, seven days a week so will surely have a class time to suit even the busiest of schedules.

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How to choose a Seattle boxing gym

  • Coaches – an experienced, motivating coach makes all the difference. Not just when it comes to improving your technique but also in encouraging you to keep coming back time and time again. Becoming a good boxer takes a long time and so it’s important you find a coach that you click with if this is something you want to do for many years. Reviews will often focus on coaches so try looking for those for some insights.
  • Convenience of location and class timings – this is key. My boxing gym is on the same block as my home so I have no excuse not to go almost everyday, even if I’m not feeling up to it. Finding a gym that’s close to home or work will make your life much easier and help to make going to boxing training a habit. The same applies to class timings, if you have to massively disrupt your day to get to a class because it doesn’t fit your schedule then you’re going to be less likely to go.
  • Gym focus – I don’t have a problem with boxercise classes, but make sure you know what you’re signing up for if you join one of these. Boxercise is very different than actually learning how to fight and getting sparring experience. If you truly want to learn how to box then you need to box. That involves punching other people and getting punched yourself.
  • Trial class – most boxing gyms will allow you to have a free trial class so you can get a feel for the place before you sign up. This is a great way of evaluating whether you like the coach, the energy, and the focus of the gym. Always worth asking for a free trial class if you’re not sure whether it’s offered.

How much do boxing gyms in Seattle cost? 💰

  • Monthly memberships: There’s a huge range here from ~$100-200 per month. Most places offer unlimited classes to their members. Be sure to check for this.
  • One-on-one personal training: Depending on the gym, costs are around $70 per hour as a minimum.
  • Drop-in boxing classes for non-members: ~$15-$30 per class
  • Initiation fee: not all places make you pay one of these (and I’m not a fan of it) but those that do usually charge a one-off fee of $50-$100

12th Round 🔔

I think I might have to move here permanently. There are so many great boxing gyms in Seattle that it’s unfair on the rest of the country. Seattle Boxing Gym, Nomad, Emerald City, Arcaro etc etc, take your pick, they are all awesome, authentic boxing gyms.

Happy fighting! 🥊🥊

“Real freedom is having nothing. I was freer when I didn’t have a cent.” – Mike Tyson

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