Why Do Boxers Jump Rope? (5 Reasons)

A boxer jumping rope in a gym

If you haven’t watched champion boxers like Mayweather, Tyson or Ali jump rope then you’re missing out. The speed and the agility is just mesmerizing. But why is jumping rope such a common training exercise for boxers of all levels? … Read more

Is Boxing Cardio or Strength?

Boxer Ali standing over knocked out opponenet

I’ve tried a lot of intense sports, like squash, rowing, and endurance running. I can safely say that none chew me up and spit me out quite like an hour of boxing. It’s cardio, it’s strength, it’s psychological, it’s endurance. … Read more

Why Do Boxers Spit Out Water? (4 Reasons)

a boxer spitting in a bucket

If you watch competitive boxing you’ll often see boxers spit out water into a bucket between rounds. Given how much they sweat, you’d think they would want to re-hydrate, so why are they doing this? Boxers’ mouths can get very … Read more

Why Do Boxers Use Vaseline? (2 Simple Reasons)

A boxer getting vaseline rubbed on his face

One of the more unusual tricks in a boxer’s toolkit is Vaseline. Before and during fights, it’s very common to see cutmen or trainers applying dollops of this semi-solid gunk to their boxer’s face. This simple strategy can actually make … Read more

Why Do Boxers Hug? (Clinching Explained)

boxers clinching in a ring

It can be frustrating to watch. A fight is in full flow. Punches are flying. But then a boxer dives forward and clinches his opponent, breaking up the action. The crowd groans in disapproval. Despite being controversial and disliked by … Read more

Timing in Boxing (Why It’s Everything)

Two boxers fighting with the title: Timing in Boxing - Why it's everything

Like life, the key to boxing is being in the right place at the right time. You can have all the strength and technique in the world, but if you don’t know when to throw your punches and lack any … Read more

Should I Start Boxing? (7 Reasons Why HELL YES)

 This is the easiest article I’ve ever written. Seriously. Starting boxing in 2016 changed my life in so many positive ways. It transformed me from an unhealthy, anxious, and erratic boy, into a calm, confident, and fit man. If you’re … Read more

Boxing Combinations (20 Essentials inc. Defensive Moves)

Mike Tyson in a boxing ring with the title 20 Boxing Combinations

Defending against one punch is usually fairly straightforward. Defending against a flurry, a combination, is a whole different challenge. A well-executed blistering combo can unlock a fight and down your opponent. Boxing combinations usually consist of between two to five … Read more