What Are Horsehair Boxing Gloves?

horsehair boxing gloves cut open

Yes, horsehair boxing gloves are exactly what you think they are. Let me explain. Horsehair boxing gloves are gloves that use horsehair as a form of padding in the glove. The hair is used instead of, or as well as, … Read more

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag Training

Mohammad Ali training and the title "Best boxing gloves for heavy bag training"

Working on the heavy bag is the staple of boxing training in gyms and homes all around the world. If you’re new to boxing, or even a seasoned fighter, looking to understand which are the best boxing gloves for heavy … Read more

How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing (6 Easy Steps)

Hands wrapped up ready for boxing with the title "How to wrap hands for boxing"

You’ve just started the sweet science and now you need to know how to wrap your hands for boxing. You’ve come to the right place. Hand wrapping is a simple but essential part of preparing for training to ensure protection … Read more

What Are Mexican Boxing Gloves?

What are Mexican boxing gloves?

Used by some of the sport’s greatest ever fighters from Mohammed Ali to Manny Pacquiao, Mexican boxing gloves are legendary for their quality and punching power. Mexican boxing gloves are a specific style of boxing gloves, recognizable by their longer … Read more